Application: Suppliers for Solar Together

You can sign up here as a supplier for the Solar Together group-buying scheme. If you would like to start the qualification process as supplier, we ask you to fill out the form below. After sending us your details, we will contact you within a couple of days.   
Qualify as supplier
Please be aware that before you can participate in the Solar Together auction, you will need to submit to an extensive qualification process. We will assess the following aspects:
  • The company should be able to manage at least 250 installations in a period of 6 months (in terms of organisation, customer care, processes, IT and partners).
  • The company must be able to handle the financial consequences. Sufficient financial capacity should be available for a collective solar scheme.  
  • The company should have experience in installing solar PV on domestic properties.
  • The company needs to understand the benefits and risks of participating in a collective scheme and be able to react to these.
If you would prefer to participate as a subcontractor, please fill out this form.

We hope to hear from you!


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